AVAR2012 Conference Materials SummarizingAVAR2012会议资料汇总

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Welcome Speech

AVAR 2012 Keynote Speech 1:"Android Security Product Testing"

AVAR 2012 Keynote Speech 2:"Development Trend and Preventive Actions concerning Computer Viruses in China"

AVAR 2012 Keynote Speech 3:Dennis Batchelder(Partner Group Program Manager), Microsoft

Baidu Speech

"The IEEE Software Taggant System"

"Dynamic Behavior Analysis Technique for Malware"

"A million-scale comprehensive overview of network activities of APTmalware"

"Festi botnet analysis and investigation"

"Search Hijackers: Instigators of Malicious Activities"

"Bootkit's development overview and trend"

"Case Study: Medre.A - suspected industrial espionage? "

"Injecting custom payload into signed Windows"

"Mobile Banking Vulnerability and Solution"

"Android Malicious Software Static Testing System - TMDetector"

Panel Discussion.Nov.13

"A day in the life of... a honeypot network"

"Windows Ate (8) Rootkits"

"The Approach to Large Scale Sample Processing"

"Analysis of an Asian file infector (Win32Morto)"

Federal Software Speech

"Catch me if you can -- A study of malware hidden technologies and their solutions"

"Android Malware on the Rise"


"Research on APT Detection Technology Based on Dynamic Analysis"

"Cross-Platform Infection between PC and Android OS"

"Analysis and unpacking of custom packers"

"Your Every Click Counts (But All the Money Goes to Me)"

"A P2P Variant of Zeus Botnet"

"The HeartBeat Affair: An APT Campaign"

Panel Discussion.Nov.14

Awards of the Best Speaker of AVAR2012 & Conference Closing Session