Hospitality Program旅游观光

Wuzhen One Day Tour

Wuzhen, the last “resting-on-water town” in China, is an ancient southern town enjoying a history of over 1300 years since its establishment. Cross-shaped inland river system divides the entire town into four blocks in East, South, West and North, called "East Zha, South Zha, West Zha, and North Zha" by the locals. Wuzhen once named Wu Tun and Qingdun, is a typical southern water town, and known as the "Land of Plenty & House of Silks".


Wuzhen, with its authentic river village style and rich cultural heritage, becomes one famous tourist destination of ancient towns in China; and features historical and cultural heritage of thousand years, simple and beautiful river village scenery, unique flavored cuisines, and colorful folk festivals; nurtures writer of a generation Mao Dun, and cultivates many cultural celebrities in Chinese history here. Profound cultural heritage and timeless lifestyle make Wuzhen become a living fossil of ancient Eastern civilization. Since opening, Wuzhen annually attracts over two million overseas tourists for travel and tourism, obtaining "2003 Asia-Pacific Region Heritage Protection Outstanding Achievement Award" issued by UN.


Wuzhen, when demonstrating extraordinary charm of ancient Chinese culture and traditional essence of Oriental life, also becomes a communicator of tradittional culture and an ambassador of Chinese and foreign cultural exchange.


A beautiful place blessed with subtle landscape, talented people, prosperity, and abundance, its specialties include blue print cloth, cloth shoes, silk floss, Wujin(Brocade of Wuzhen), Sanbai liquor, aunts cake, San Zhen Zhai pickled chicken, etc.





Additional Recommended Natural Attractions其他景点推荐

West Lake Yacht

West Lake has been famed as its beauty since the ancient times. “Mountain landscapes and lake sceneries at every step make it difficult to rhyme and paint through all ages”. This is the poem written by Tang Cuyou, a poet in the Song Dynasty made his profound implication. However, the beauty of West Lake can be enjoyed by everyone as long as you visit it. “The unparallel beauty of West Lake has always been adored by tourists who,however talented, cannot find a word to describe it.”. The poem put by Su Dongpo discovered the generosity and magnificence of West Lake. You can take West Lake Yacht, a special tourist means of transport, to go sightseeing of the scenic zone of West Lake. You can enjoy the beauty different from that of West Lake.


西湖之美,自古难言。“山色湖光步步随,古今难画亦难诗”,宋人汤促友的两句诗早已指明这一点。然而,西湖之美, 却又人人可得。“西湖天下景,游者无愚贤,深浅随所得,心知口难传。”苏东坡这句诗,道出了西湖的慷慨与宽宏。乘坐杭州特色游湖项目西湖游船游览西湖景区,坐在船上欣赏西湖不一样的美。


Leifeng Tower

Leifeng Tower is also called Imperial Concubine’s Tower or West Gate Brick Tower. It is located at the peak of Mt. Sunset on the south bank of West Lake in front of Jingci Temple below Rihui Peak of Nanping Mountain. Leifeng Tower was built for Imperial Concubine Huang by Qian Chu, emperor of Wuyue Kingdom. “Imperial Concubine’s Tower”, as it was built at the peak, was later renamed as “Leifeng Tower”. The old tower was collapsed in 1924, and it has been rebuilt now. Sunset around Leifeng Tower is one of 10 top sceneries of West Lake.


雷峰塔一名黄妃塔,又称西关砖塔。在西湖南岸夕照山的雷峰上,南屏山日慧峰下净慈寺前。雷峰塔为吴越国王钱俶因黄妃得子建, 初名“黄妃塔”因地建雷峰,后人改称“雷峰塔”。旧塔已于1924年倒塌,现已重建。雷峰夕照为西湖十景之一。


Xixi Wetland

Xixi National Wetland Park is located in the west of Hangzhou City, 5 kilometers away from West Lake. It is a rare secondary wetland in a city. It abounds in biological resources, with unsophisticated natural scenes and profound culture. It is as famous as West Lake and Xileng as one of three great scenes in Hangzhou. It is the first and the only national wetland park in China with urban wetland, farming wetland and cultural wetland all rolled into one. Water is the soul of West Stream. Within the park, 70% of the area is covered by rivers, ponds, lakes and marshes, etc, hence a famous saying as “where there is a stream there is smoke”. Six rivers flow across the park, with a great number of branching streams and fish scale shaped ponds, which have formed unique landscape of the wetland.


西溪国家湿地公园位于杭州市区西部,距西湖不到5公里, 是罕见的城中次生湿地。这里 生态资源丰富、自然景观质朴、文化积淀深厚,曾与西湖、西泠并称杭州“三西”,是目前国内第一个也是唯一的集城市湿地、农耕湿地、文化湿地于一体的国家湿地公园。水是西溪的灵魂, 园区约70%的面积为河港、池塘、湖漾、沼泽等水域,正所谓“一曲溪流一曲烟”,整个园区六条河流纵横交汇, 其间分布着众多的港汊和鱼鳞状鱼塘,形成了西溪独特的湿地景致 。