Welcome from the AVAR Chairman

Welcome to the 14th Association of Anti Virus Asia Researchers International Conference 2011 in Hong Kong. It will be Asia Pacific's largest conference on Anti Malware issues and the third occasion on which we have held the event in Hong Kong.

AVAR is not just a conference for virus researchers, it is also particularly relevant to the business and technical needs of corporate IT professionals, students, educators, law enforcement legislators and all those whose objectives are to ensure safe and secure computing and the security of the internet.

AVAR is also a conduit and forum for the sharing of information and the development of mutually beneficial relationships among experts from a wide variety of disciplines around the world.

By attending the conference, you will learn more about the latest security issues, threats and solutions as well as the opportunity to network with some of the world's leading technical experts. it is likely to be of great value to those who protect corporate environments as well those who are studying to become the new generation of security experts and those who already work to secure our digital environment.

AVAR is therefore the ideal event at which you can learn from and share information with professionals from across the globe.

I am looking forward to meeting each of you and to ensure you derive maximum benefit from being a part of this world-leading event.

Seiji Murakami
Chairman, Association of Anti Virus Asia Researchers (AVAR)

Welcome from the Conference Chair of AVAR 2011

Welcome to 14th AVAR International Conference in Hong Kong, China, the leading anti-malware conference in Asia-pacific. As the conference organiser for AVAR2011, it is my pleasure to extend to you an invitation to participate in the AVAR2011 conference. It is a decade since the last time the AVAR Conference took place in Hong Kong, and a lot has changed in the city, even more has changed in malware. AVAR 2011 is a unique opportunity to update and upgrade your skills by meeting and learning from experts and professionals from around the world. The challenges of malware and cybercrime are growing and changing, AVAR2011 is the perfect event to prepare yourself for the future and I look forward to meeting you there.


Allan G. Dyer
AVAR2011 Conference Chair