Mumbai Situation Update:


We have come across an unfortunate situation of terror attacks in the city of Mumbai, India with just few days to go for the AVAR 2008 Conference in New Delhi. We have been monitoring the situation and hope for a speedy normalization of the situation. We have consulted and verified with the hotel authorities to be sure of safety and security of all the conference delegates and overall security for the event.

All the preparations are going on as usual and there are no changes in the plans of AVAR 2008 Conference. We are in touch with the hotel people in New Delhi and they have confirmed that they have increased the security, multifold.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who had called us and sent emails to express concern and supported us. Almost all of them who contacted us have shown willingness to visit New Delhi.

On a positive note, in spite of all this, we are seeing new delegates being registered, which shows the interest for the event.

At this hour of crises we hope to get your continued support for the event and we as an organizing committee of the conference hope to see you all at New Delhi and make this event successful.

Kailash Katkar
Founder & Chairman,
Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
The host of AVAR 2008.

Welcome to the AVAR 2008 International Conference in New Delhi, INDIA. This is the largest Asia- Pacific conference for anti malware technologies. It is the first time this conference will be held in India.

AVAR is a non-profit organization whose primary objective is to prevent the spread and the damage caused by malware programs. AVAR now is comprised of members from 15 countries/regions including countries not just from the Asia-Pacific area, but from all over the world. This shows that the anti malware research activities of AVAR have extensive support from many countries, corporations, and individuals.
AVAR has spent a lot of effort fighting malware programs over the past ten years. During these years, the objective of malware programs has changed from simple file crush programs to using malware programs as tools for stealing corporate secrets, private information and simply "money".
To prevent these crimes, AVAR 2008 will provide possibly the best opportunity to learn about the latest anti malware technology and to discuss major issues of worldwide information security technology. I hope you will join us and benefit from this conference.
I look forward to meeting you at AVAR 2008 in New Delhi, India.

Seiji Murakami  
Association of anti-Virus Asia Researchers(AVAR)

Welcome to New Delhi, venue of 11th AVAR conference. It gives us great pleasure to host this event for the very first time in India, or to be precise in South East Asia.

AVAR has emerged as a major platform, not only for the security professionals across the globe, but to everybody for whom security is a concern. Having this conference in India is very special as we are confident that, this will further strengthen awareness about security in what is now popularly referred to as "World's Back office".

I hope that the discussions and the papers presented in AVAR 2008 , will enhance our ability to offer a more secure computing environment. I would like to thank all AVAR members for giving us the opportunity to host this conference in India.
I look forward to meeting you at AVAR 2008 in New Delhi, India.
Kailash Katkar.  
Founder & Chairman,
Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  
The host of AVAR 2008