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New Malware, New Environment, New Testing Standards


David M Perry (USA), Global Director of Education, Trend Micro.


11 December, Thursday, 14:05 - 14:45 .



There is an upheaval in the world of malware. The sheer volume, speed of deployment and criminal intent on the part of the malware authors has brought us to an entirely new world. Now each month sees as many new malware signatures as the entire first 20 years of the antimalware industry. No longer do we have the leisure to react to these threats with mere pattern file updates and standard behavior blocking. The various proposed radical new detection and blocking techniques, particularly those engendering reputation services or 'in the cloud' detection require an entirely new methodology for testing and comparing antimalware engines.

How will these tests differ from the past? Who is proposing the new standards? How will this affect the end users? (many of whom still do not understand the old model) Is this bringing us to an entirely new level of denial and future shock?

Join Trend Micro's David Perry in an examination of the philosophies of how to separate the losers from the winners, and what tomorrow will surely bring.