Proceeding of the First AVAR Meeting September 4, 1998 Hong Kong

Friday, September 4, 1998
Function Room, Century Hotel, Hong Kong


  1. Allan Dyer, Hong Kong (host and moderator of the meeting)
  2. Charles Ahn, Korea
  3. Seok-Chul Kwon, Korea
  4. Won-Hyok Choi, Korea
  5. Richard Ku, Taiwan
  6. Seiji Murakami, Japan
  7. Motoi Endo, Japan
  8. Karen Cheung, Hong Kong (Conference Coordinator)
  9. Harumi Sugimura, Japan (Translator)
09:30Opening Remarks: Seiji Murakami (JCSR)
10:00 - 12:30Country Reports by each participant, presenting local situation of computer virus incidents.
1. "Computer Virus History in Korea" by Dr. Charles Ahn (Dr.Ahn's Laboratories, Inc.)
2."History of VX & AV" by Mr. Seok-Chul Kwon (High AntivirUs Research Inc.)
Coffee Break
3. "History and Current Situation of Computer Virus in Hong Kong" by Mr. Allan Dyer (Yui Kee Company Limited)
4. "The Incompatibility Saves Japan - but..." by Motoi Endo (JCSR)
5. "Computer Virus Reported in Taiwan from January to July, 1998" by Richard Ku (Trendmicro)
12:30 - 16:00Lunch, Marketing Research in Hong Kong
16:00 - 19:006. "The Constitution of AVAR (proposal)" by Seiji Murakami and general discussions on the topic by all members present.
19:00 - 19:30First AVAR Members Meeting
19:30End of the AVAR meeting


At the meeting


From left to right
Front row
Seok-Chul, Richard, Motoi
Back row
Karen, Won-Hyok, Charles, Allan, Seiji, Harumi